Training dates 2023

Our next training is happening on Sat 20 May + Sat 27 May 2023 (attendance is required for both days).

Training happens in Greenwich, London and takes 2 days (arrangedover two consecutive Saturdays) for convenience.

You can ensure you’re ready for our next training workshop by downloading and familiarising yourself with these:

Work with Spatial Audio – Practical Workshop with the IKO

Spatial sound has risen in popularity in recent years. Often reproduced over headphones or fixed loudspeaker arrays, there has been sizeable growth in both the technologies and awareness of spatial sound. However, the IKO remains unique among these technologies. There is no substitute for listening with the IKO. None.

The IKO is an icosahedral loudspeaker, one of only a handful worldwide. It’s the most compact speaker system for Higher Order Ambisonics (HOA) available in the world today. However unlike the usual ‘outside-in’ multichannel speaker systems, it is an ‘inside-out’ system, in 360 degrees. Which means it can be taken to a diverse range of spaces and audiences.

The IKO is a spatial sound experience unlike any other. It’s unique beam forming technologies propagate sound from its 20 speaker drivers, in a way that brings the materiality of a site to life. It also elicits a powerful affect on listeners. Working from direct as well as reflected sound, the sonic definition of sources is exceptional.

Working with the IKO is a extraordinary experience. Space becomes truly compositional, and this is unfamiliar territory, even for those that have worked with spatial sound before. One of the most exciting aspects of this is how diverse the system is, and what it can reflect back to you – artistically.

With only a handful of IKOs in existence worldwide, the Sound/Image Research Centre at the University of Greenwich is proud to have one.

I’m in my 5th year of working with the IKO, and I’m only scratching the surface of what it can do. It’s the one technology that has significantly altered my practice, in terms of artistic concepts, and also the way that I think about process.”

Angela McArthur, SOUND/IMAGE Research Centre

This course is suitable for anyone who has some experience of digital audio software. To benefit from the course, access to a computer with digital audio workstation software is essential.

It’s an introductory course to both some aspects of spatial sound, Ambisonic recording/ rendering techniques, and the IKO loudspeaker.

This course will provide you with opportunities to develop your skills and understanding of spatial sound and the IKO loudspeaker, in a supportive environment.

There will be a mixture of seminars, demonstrations, field recording, practice time with the IKO and group workshop and listening sessions. And many discussions! You can use any digital audio software you choose, but we’ll be using Reaper and a range of free VST plugins. You will be introduced to software (freeware wherever possible) for sound processing and treatments.

The skills you will acquire are transferable broadly across sound art practices and fine art. They can be used in radio or film and applied to location recording for films or post-production. These skills can be used in documenting oral histories, building sound libraries, creating sound-walks and more.

This course is relevant for artists, musicians and composers who work with sound, and for those already working with spatial sound.

We hope that you will continue your work with the IKO to contribute to our growing community of artists who use it and enjoy having their work publicly performed at some of the many events we hold (The Loudspeaker Orchestra, the SOUND/IMAGE festival, etc). More details here: