SOUND/IMAGE Research Group

The SOUND/IMAGE research group is located within the School of Design at the University of Greenwich. Through collaboration, we bring together ideas and practice to explore new possibilities in spatial audio and music with technology.

Dr. Angela McArthur

Senior Lecturer in Creative Media
Angela McArthur is an audio-visual artist and lecturer. Her research interests centre around spatial aesthetics, practices and discourse.

Dr. Andrew Knight-Hill

Associate Professor in Sound Design and Music Technology
Andrew Knight-Hill is a composer specialising in studio composed works both acousmatic (purely sound based) and audio-visual. He leads the SOUND/IMAGE Research Group.

Dr. Emma Margetson

Lecturer in Sound Design
Emma Margetson is an acousmatic composer and sound artist with extensive experience in multichannel composition, sound diffusion and interpretation.

Dr. Amit D. Patel

Research Fellow in Experimental Sound
Amit D Patel, aka Dushume, is an experimental noise and sound artist, influenced by Asian underground music and DJ culture.

Dr. Brona Martin

Research Fellow
Dr. Brona Martin is an Electroacoustic composer and sound artist. Her compositions explore narrative in Electroacoustic music, acoustic ecology and spatialisation

Ian Thompson

Senior Lecturer Media and Creative Industries
Ian Thompson’s creative practice incorporates music, sound, and video. His research explores the application of binaural sound and spatial audio microphone techniques.